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Quality & Standards

Our Promise of Quality

  • Robair Exports guarantees the quality of its fresh produce. Our quality procedures ensure produce and products arrive overseas in the best possible condition to the highest standard demanded by us and our customers.

The following steps at all times are followed to give you our customer the highest quality from Robair Exports :

  • You only receive product from carefully selected growers and wholesalers that meet our exceptionally high quality standards. This is our promise across the Robair product range.

  • You only receive fresh stocks as we only purchase to order and don't hold stock for periods of time.

  • You only receive the best product as Robair is only in the business of export and so puts all its focus into giving export customers the very best.

  • You can select from a large range and treat Robair as your one-stop shop for Australian produce and dairy Products. Robair has expertise in various sectors of the Australian export produce industry and therefore is able to supply a huge range.

  • You benefit from our hands on approach whereby we personally inspect product prior to shipment to ensure all sub-par product is rejected and only the best produce is sent.

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